soil and groundwater rmonitoring technology soil and groundwater remediation technology

soil and groundwater rmonitoring technology:

一.laboratory soil sample pretreating

1.sample processing technology and consumables

2.sample pretreating and testing analysis

3.soil/groundwater reference substance development and application technology

4.soil reference substance/ reference sample application
5.lab sample pretreating total solution

6.soil/groundwater sample pretreating solution and key instrument(solid phase microextraction,microwave digestion, etc.)
7.inorganic and organic pollutant testing and analytical methods and keys consumables
8.discussion on sample collection and pretreating of soil pollution
9.XRF pretreating solution to soil sample
10.solution to soil samples
 spectrum,chromatography and mass spectrum
11.soil/groundwater pollutant quick testing solution and key technical equipment
12.analysis on the application of testing instrument on heavy metal, VOCs and oils testing
13.soil heavy metal and organic sample pretreating, testing and analyzing and data processing
14.brief talk on soil sampling and preparation techniques and research of intelligent soil sample administration system

16.laboratory construction and laboratory informatization/management

17.research on laboratory quality-controlled sample testing relative error criteria

二.Soil survey sampling technology and third-party testing

1.the application of hand analyzers in soil sampling to soil pollutant mobile testing and new technological equipment
3.research and application of quantitative passive sampling of VOCs in soil gas in polluted sites

4.environment monitoring and third-party testing service
5.newest soil monitoring and third-party testing service solution at home and abroad  

6.research on XRF standardization of heavy metal in soil

7.solution to soil pollutant analysis

8.application of soil collector in soil analyzing and testing

9.application of soil drying oven in soil analyzing and testing

10.current states and progress of dioxin testing technology of soil

11.analysis on dioxin analyzing and testing technology

12.key technology of soil and groundwater VOCs testing

13.solid wastes and hazardous wastes testing method

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