Highlights Background Who will join in

First comes to the high-end positioning. Leaders of many local departments, members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, celebrated experts, top management from important enterprises, monitoring/remediation technology and equipment providers, engineering designers and operators, and investment and financing institutions will jointly attend this summit.


Second comes to the super scale. The number of people who register for the summit is predicted to exceed 400 and the summit will gather top management of the whole industry chain enterprises.


Third comes to the focus of selected display and diversified and in-depth exchanges. This meeting specially provides selected exhibition where monitoring and remediation instrument and equipment manufacturers, third-party service providers can display their special technologies, products and cases. You can gain deeper insight and discuss with them face to face. Tea communication, panel discussion, Q&A, and communication dinners are all available here.


Last comes to essential information. To ensure the high quality of this meeting, the summit organizer will strictly select our guests and sharing contents, aiming at providing you a meeting full of essential information. 

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