Sun ning, director of the environmental engineering department of the environmental planning institute of the ministry of environmental protection and executive deputy director of the heavy metal pollution prevention and control research center, is invite

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Sun ning, director of the environmental engineering department of the environmental planning institute of the ministry of environmental protection and executive deputy director of the heavy metal pollution prevention and control research center, is invited to attend the4th China International Soil and Groundwater Remediation Summit (Soiltec China 2019).

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Researcher, director of environmental engineering department of environmental planning institute, ministry of environmental protection, executive deputy director of heavy metal pollution prevention and control research center and deputy director of heavy metal pollution prevention branch of Chinese society of environmental sciences. Mainly she is engaged in  heavy metal pollution prevention and control and risk prevention and control policy and technology research, soil pollution prevention and control management, soil remediation industry research, soil risk control, treatment and remediation engineering consulting and other work.

She organized and completed the compilation of the twelfth five-year plan for prevention and control of chemical environmental risksthe twelfth five-year plan for comprehensive prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, and the study on the tasks of the 13th five-year plan. She organized the compilation of technical scheme of comprehensive soil environment improvement in Diaojiang polluted mining area,of soil environment pollution of  technical solution preparation, the site investigation and risk assessment and restoration plan of chromium pollution in Gansu Minfeng Chemical Plant, the investigation of comprehensive pollution prevention, control of heavy metal pollution demonstration and risk assessment in Hanjiang Valley (Zhong Xiang section), and the compilation of the 13th five-year plan. She participated in the research on the overall idea of thallium pollution prevention and control and farmland prevention and control countermeasures in Xingren county, Guizhou. She proposed the regional and basin-wide comprehensive prevention and control methods of heavy metal and soil pollution. She organized the compilation of Tongren national pilot zone construction plan for soil pollution prevention,the planning of soil pollution risk control demonstration area construction in Luzhou Sichuan ,and the soil pollution prevention and control and restoration planning in cities like Laibin Guangxi, Yantai Shandong, Huangshi Hubei, and she carried out the research on Chinese pollution sites responsibility tracing system, for the multiple document for soil environmental managementin in the Huangshi pilot zone for soil pollution prevention. She has presided over more than 10 national scientific research projects, has won one first prize and one third prize of environmental protection science and technology award, and one second prize of outstanding engineering consulting achievement award. She has published more than 40 research papers and edited 3 books.

Hot topics

Workshop One:Soil &groundwater monitoring technology

Part one: laboratory soil sample pretreating

sample processing technology and consumables

sample pretreating and testing analysis

soil/groundwater reference substance development and application technology

soil reference substance/ reference sample application
lab sample pretreating total solution

soil/groundwater sample pretreating solution and key instrument(solid phase microextraction,microwave digestion, etc.)
inorganic and organic pollutant testing and analytical methods and keys consumables
discussion on sample collection and pretreating of soil pollution
XRF pretreating solution to soil sample 
solution to soil samples’ spectrum,chromatography and mass spectrum 
soil/groundwater pollutant quick testing solution and key technical equipment
analysis on the application of testing instrument on heavy metal, VOCs and oils testing
soil heavy metal and organic sample pretreating, testing and analyzing and data processing
brief talk on soil sampling and preparation techniques

design and research of intelligent soil sample administration system

laboratory construction and laboratory informatization/management

research on laboratory quality-controlled sample testing relative error criteria


Part two: Soil survey sampling technology and third-party testing

The application of hand analyzers in soil sampling

Solutions to soil pollutant mobile testing and new technological equipment
Research and application of quantitative passive sampling of VOCs in soil gas in polluted sites

Eenvironment monitoring and third-party testing service
newest soil monitoring and third-party testing service solution at home and abroad  

research on XRF standardization of heavy metal in soil

solution for soil pollutant analysis

application of soil collector in soil analyzing and testing

application of soil drying oven in soil analyzing and testing

current states and progress of dioxin testing technology of soil

analysis on dioxin analyzing and testing technology

key technology of soil and groundwater VOCs testing

solid wastes and hazardous wastes testing method

Workshop two : Soil &groundwater remediation technology

一.Contaminated site investigation and risk assessment

Regulatory standards, contaminated site investigation and the procedure & key points of risk assessment

Site environment survey and risk evaluation & consultation

Soil and groundwater geological survey and risk evaluation

Soil and groundwater sampling survey in polluted sites

chemically stabilized remediation technology of heavy metal contaminated soil

demonstration research on groundwater in-situ remediation project


二.soil/ groundwater remediation technology and equipment/ new material

new type of complete sets of equipment for soil and groundwater sampling(drills etc.)

new type of screening and crushing bucket and mixing process and complete sets of equipment

research and outlook on thermal desorption technology in organic polluted soil remediation

chemical stabilization remediation technology in heavy metal contaminated soil

organic contaminated soil and groundwater in-situ remediation equipment

soil leaching technology

in-situ/ex-situ thermal desorption

application of air-supported membrane in soil remediation project

application of remediation chemicals in soil remediation project

technology and equipment in major environmental accidents site fast disposal for CIP

new soil and groundwater remediation technology/craft and equipment

R&D of new material and chemicals for soil and groundwater remediation projects


三.Demonstration projects and cases

discussion on several common problems in contaminated site remediation project practice

soil and groundwater remediation in organic polluted site-project practice

contaminated soil remediation in farmland/mine/industrial district

sustainable remediation of soil & groundwater and typical projects

case sharing and demonstration projects of soil and groundwater pollution prevention and remediation

responsibility tracing and financing mechanism of soil and groundwater pollution  

fund and investment& financing models in soil and groundwater remediation industry

case study on green sustainable remediation in Europe, America and Japan

research and application of contaminated soil remediation engineering in farmland/industrial site/ mine

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